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The Closet of Lulu Persnickety

A collection of oddities found in the closet of a most peculiar woman.

For years I've been creating things. I was in college, I discovered that I was good at making a lot of different kinds of things. I could sew, dye, paint, draw, and bend metal. Now that some time has passed since college, I've learned to manipulate yarn and beads and a few other things. I came up with my creative persona one day as I was joking around with some friends. I wanted to sell my stuff at concerts and stuff. So I was trying to come up with a name for the company and all I could do was incorporate my name in a shoddy way. So after some time I came up with The Closet of Lulu Persnickety. I hope to share pics and descriptions of all the wonderful and not-so-hot things I made through out the years and the up coming projects as well. I don't have college any more to assign me projects, but after pokeing around the net I've found many a things to keep me busy.
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