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The Closet of Lulu Persnickety

A collection of oddities found in the closet of a most peculiar woman.

From the hat boxes of Ms. Persnickety


Here is my stash of hats I made in college. This was a 15 week course. I poured my heart and soul into every hat I made. I didn't think I'd like this course. At first I thought "Oh great, underwater basket weaving for theater!" But after the first few projects I really fell in love with working with fabric, wire, and ribbons. The mop cap was a fun project. The assignment was to find a not so typical mop cap style in history and recreate it. So I looked in my favorite era, the renaissance, and found this little cutie. I think I loved working the wire framed hats best. I loved how I could create any shape and cover it. The red one is a Victorian style hat and the blue one is what I call my "Alien from France" hat. The straw bonnet was an interesting project. We could do any style hat and so I went for a Victorian look with a twist. Some day, I'll make the dress to match. I imagine a green and yellow striped bustle dress. The felt crowns were a lot of work, but they really did come out great. I wound up selling the Byzantine style crown on eBay. The crowns are made in layers of laces and trims to create texture, and then covered in paint. My ultimate beauty, though, was my draped buckram hat. A modernized renaissance style bridal veil. I've worn this one to the fair a few times and I've had people come up to me asking where I bought it! That's a huge compliment to my skills.
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