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The Closet of Lulu Persnickety

A collection of oddities found in the closet of a most peculiar woman.

Some items found in Ms. Persnickety's jewelry boudoir

Here's a few things I hammered out in a jewelry making class. I LOVE working with metal. If I could I'd do it all the live long day. It certainly work the stress out of you to bang on metal and play with fire. The tree was inspired by my husbands obsession with Norse myth. The Ygdrassil tree was a small challenge. It was hammered out from one piece of copper. The star/eye is one of my favorite pieces. It is what I call my "Evil Eye," which is actually a talisman to avoid "evil" or negative energies. It has served me well. The eye is brass and the star is nickel-silver. The Art Nouveau style belt buckle has not been used. I'm too afraid that the pieces I used for the belt parts are too flimsy, but it sure is gorgeous. The background is brass and the design is copper.
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